Shops We Love

We feature shops that sell products that caught our eye, and we believe, represent our Spanglish Community.

  • Academic Mami
    Academic Mami
    Academic Mami – Stickers

    Shop owner Mari, is a mama of two, a wife, and Ph.D. in Mexican Literature & Culture. Mari blogs about motherhood, Academia, and everything in between. Her sticker designs celebrate her Mexican culture, and educated Latinxs. Founded in 2010, based in Torrance, California.

  • Aicitelt Designs
    Aicitelt Designs
    Aicielt Designs – Planner Stickers and Stationery

    Aicielt Designs shop owner, Leticia Torres designs products inspired by her Mexican culture. Many of her products contain a mix of both English, Spanish and a lot of Spanglish phrases. Founded 2017, based in Henderson, Nevada

  • Chasing Camila
    Chasing Camila – Women and Kids Apparel and Accessories

    Shop owner Melissa Rojas has a background in fashion and her work is inspired by her daughter, Camila. Serape inspired accessories and clothing. Founded in 2017, based in Southern California.

  • Ellie Elote
    Ellie Elote – Kids Apparel

    Ellie Elote was founded by Lisa, a graphic designer from Canada. Raising a bilingual child with her Guatemalan-Mexican husband, she noticed the lack of apparel that represented her “Spanglish” family. Founded in 2014, based in Rocklin, California.

  • Fennec Creations
    Fennec Creations – Women and Unisex Apparel

    Founded in 2019, based in Houston, Texas.

  • Indy Sign
    Indy Sign – Prints and Accessories

    Shop owner, Indira Prieto is originally Cuban living in sunny Miami, FL. She is a graphic designer, letterer and typography junkie. Her work typically incorporates bright pops of color, vibrant typography, and my store is all about inspirational Spanglish quotes. Founded in 2017, based in Miami, Florida.

  • It’s Colombia Not Columbia
    It’s Colombia Not Columbia – Women and Men’s Apparel and Accessories

    Shop owner Emilio Pombo is from Colombia. This annoying error sparked a campaign, flooding the internet with memes and merch, everything from t-shirts to coffee mugs.

  • Jen Zeano Designs
    Jen Zeano Designs – Women and Kid’s Apparel and Accessories; Stationery and more

    Founders Jen and Veronica Zeano created a “Latino Power” tshirt design in direct response to the presidential election of 2016, expressing their pride in the face of fear and anger. Since then, Jen, a proud Mexicana set out on a mission to celebrate kindness.

  • Karla and Co.
    Karla and Co. – Women’s Apparel and Accessories; Home and Living.

    Karla and Co. is a small home business run by Karla, a Puerto Rican mom of two, living in Arizona. She states that, “Everything is made with love and the idea of making you, and your space fabulous, fun and unique … con sabor Latino”. Founded in 2017, based in Cave Creek, Arizona.

  • Latina Made Not Maid
    Latina Made Not Maid – Women’s Apparel and Accessories

    A nonprofit organization working towards changing Latina stereotypes while celebrating diversity. Founded in 2017, based in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

  • Lil Miss Rosies
    Lil Miss Rosies – Women and Kids Apparel

    We love their designs, but couldn’t find much info about this shop. Founded in 2020.

  • Mr. Huey
    Mr. Huey – Men and Women’s Apparel and Accessories

    We love their designs, but couldn’t find much info about this shop.
    Founded in 2018, in Los Angeles, California.

  • Paisley in Paris
    Paisley in Paris – Greeting Cards and Digital Printables; Women and Kids Apparel and Accessories

    Shop owner Dio Perez is a full-time Marketing Assistant/Graphic Designer. Paisley in Paris is her creative outlet. Her designs are all hand lettered in English, Spanish & Spanglish. Founded in 2009, based in Rancho Mirage, California

  • Quetzal Boutique
    Quetzal Boutique – Women, Men and Kid’s Apparel; Jewelry, Wallets and more

    Family owned Cultural Boutique & Gallery with a specialty in Fair trade apparel from Mexico, Guatemala, Perú & Ecuador. Indie designers apparel and handmade artisanal accessories. Founded in 2010, based in Los Angeles, California.

  • Quiero Prints
    Quiero Prints  – Stationery, Prints and Stickers; Women’s Apparel

    Shop owner Reyna Villa is a graphic designer. Quiero Prints was founded in 2019, based in East Los Angeles, California.

  • Quinty Moda
    Quinty Moda – Women’s Apparel and Accessories

    Quinty Moda was named in the memory of (abuelita) Quintila “Quinty” Hernandez. Its mission is to inspire breaking borders, girl-power, and standing up for what you believe in. Founded in 2017 in Dallas, Texas.

  • Sew Bonita
    Sew Bonita – Women’s Apparel and Accessories; Embroidery, Earrings, Bags, Stationery, Stickers and more

    Crafter and self-taught sewer, Elena Flores, is the designer and maker behind Sew Bonita. Her inspiration comes from her Mexican culture — the food, décor, color, music, and traditions. Founded in 2014 in Corpus Christi, Texas.

  • Sivar Estilo
    Sivar Estilo – Women and Men’s Apparel and Accessories

    Shop owner, Francisco Esteban Saracay’s goal is to create products that show off the beauty of El Salvador, and his pride of being Salvadoran. Many of his products incorporate common Salvadoran Phrases. Founded in 2018, based in Los Angeles.

  • Spanglish Threadz
    Spanglish Threadz – Adult, Youth and Toddler Apparel and Accessories

    Spanglish Threadz is a family business, run by Ana and Mario Reyes from Texas. A mixture of Spanish and English words, incorporating fun food designs to represent their Latinx culture. They do all the designs, printing, sewing, labels and shipping themselves. Founded in 2016, based in Houston, Texas.

  • Stoop Sale BKLYN
    Stoop Sale BKLYN – Unisex and Kids Apparel and Accessories; Stationery and Home Decor

    Shop owner Ariana Hidalgo focuses on New York and Latino themed designs using modern fonts and renderings of her photography. Founded in 2017, based in Brooklyn, New York.

  • Taco Gear
    Taco Gear – Unisex Apparel and Accessories; Stationery, Pins and more

    Gerald Flores, a graphic designer started Taco Gear out of his love for tacos. Gerald claims, “Tacos bring people together!” Founded in 2014, based in from Corpus Christi, Texas.

  • Tranqui Prints Inc.
    Tranqui Prints Inc. – Prints; Custom Apparel, Face masks and Tote Bags

    Nick Mahshie is the founder of Tranqui Prints Inc — a screen printing studio focused on textiles. His work is inspired by love for his city, Miami, its culture, people, and the tropical flora and fauna that define it. Founded in 2017, based in Miami, Florida.

  • Very Nice Cositas
    Very Nice Cositas – Men, Women and Baby Apparel; Stationery and Gifts

    Shop owner and graphic designer Maricela founded Very Nice Cositas with a mission to empower the Latinx community. She states that her shop is, “Created by a Latina for Latinas”. Founded in 2017, based in Richmond, Virginia.

  • Vida + Wild
    Viva + Wild – Women and Kids Apparel and Accessories; Hair Clips and Stickers

    Shop owner Ariana, a stay-at-home mom, turned work-at-home mom, finds inspiration in feminism, her cultura and her children. Founded in 2017, based in San Antonio, Texas.