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If Mexican Moms Wrote Greeting Cards

Via Buzzfeed/Pablo Valdivia

When she insulted herself while insulting you: Hijo de tu pinche madre”.
You can view all greeting cards by Pablo Valdivia on BuzzFeed.

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10 Spanish Words That Don’t Exist in English

Via Superholly English

Superholly shares with us 10 Spanish words that don’t exist in English.

Quiz Spanish

Improve Your (Spanish) Spelling by Playing this Quiz Game

Personal project by designer, Rodrigo Haverbeck: ¿Cómo Dice Que Dijo?: Mejora tu ortografía de manera entretenida. Can anyone get 41 of 41?

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Qué Difícil es Hablar el Español – It’s So Hard to Speak Spanish

Via Inténtalo Carito

Colombian brothers Juan Andrés and Nicolás Ospina made this song as a tribute to their beloved language, Spanish.

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Video Challenge

Un premio para el que me me envíe un video deletreando esto en Inglés: 2-T-N-S-L-P-P-T-S-O. Practiquen antes por que no es fácil.

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