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Things that Argentines Say, Performed by an (USA) American

Via Dustin Luke

Muy bueno — jaja!

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A Gringo’s Guide to Understanding the Argentines

  • Che Boludo - A Gringo's Guide to Argentine Slang
  • Che Boludo - A Gringo's Guide to Argentine Slang

This is a great pocket dictionary of Argentine slang, for Gringos: ¡Che Boludo! A Gringo’s Guide to Understanding the Argentines. We picked it up from one of our favorite bookstores, Libros del Pasaje in Buenos Aires.

When your Argentine friend shows up late to meet you and tells you “Che chabón, no sabés! se cagó la chata en la loma del orto y nos quedamos en bolas!” Do you wish you had paid more attention in Spanish class? No worries, it wouldn’t have helped anyway. This book will. Argentines speak a different type of Caste-shh-ano that can leave even the most fluent of gringos struggling to keep up. “Che Boludo!” will not only provide a few laughs but really help you understand just what all these chamuyeros are talking about.

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21 Spanish Accents

Via Carlos Santos

This made us laugh. Carlos attempts accents from Puerto Rico, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Spain, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile? and few curveballs.